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On-Site Packing Service - Pallet Solutions - Wooden Pallets & Crates

On Site Packing Service - Pallet Solutions - Wooden Pallets & Crates Wholesale Trader from Mumbai and chennai. Top premium wooden pallets and crates wholesalers and traders in Chennai. durable, eco-friendly solutions for your shipping needs. Bulk orders welcome. Fast delivery! Wholesale Trader of a wide range of products which include pallet solutions - wooden pallets & crates.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity:- 50 Number

Usage/Application:- Packaging

Wood Type:- Soft Wood

Color:- Brown

Entry Type:- 2 Way

Shape:- Square


NDP complies with the strictest international heat-treatment standards (ISPM-15), guaranteeing the annihilation of all larvae and parasites that may be present in the wood used to produce our wooden pallets and crates. Heat treatment is different than kilning; as heat treatment completely eradicates any living organisms in the wood, whereas the goal of kilning is to simply dry the wood.

Our thorough heat-treatment process meets the strictest international standards (ISPM-15) and offers the following benefits to our clients:

·         Our heat-treatment process is recognized by all countries participating in the Wood Packaging Certification program

·         Your packaging weighs less and offers significant cost savings due to the reduction in moisture content from the heat-treatment process.

·         Any parasites (in all life stages) found in the wood are destroyed

·         Your cargo is permitted to move freely across all continents

·         The risk of cross-contamination of shipped products is eliminated

NDP guarantees that our wood packaging products meet and exceed the most stringent hygienic and sterilization standards currently enforced in the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries today

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