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Our Logistic Services

Xeologix Hazmat Solution Private Limited, your comprehensive solution for global logistics services tailored to meet the needs of the modern supply chain. Specializing in Air Freight Forwarding, Ocean Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Dangerous Goods Handling, Packing, and a full suite of Transport and Warehousing solutions, we are equipped to handle the complexities of both hazardous and general cargo with unmatched expertise and efficiency.

Experience unparalleled air freight forwarding services with Xeologix Hazmat Solution Private Limited. Our air cargo services and air shipping solutions cater to urgent, time-sensitive shipments, ensuring your goods reach their destination swiftly and securely. As an IATA agent, we leverage our global networks and expert knowledge to navigate international air transport with precision, making us the go-to freight forwarders in Chennai and beyond. Whether it's dg cargo or general cargo, our air freight capabilities promise efficiency and reliability.

Dive into seamless ocean freight forwarding with Xeologix, where comprehensive sea cargo services and sea freight logistics meet personalized care. Our expertise in sea freight shipping offers you a range of options, including full container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL), tailored to your budget and timing requirements. As a leading freight forwarder in Chennai, we connect continents with ease, ensuring your cargo's safe and timely passage across the seas.s with reputable liners. For Shippers looking into Cheap International Logistics and Wouldn't mind the Transit Days, Ocean Freight would be a Perfect Option for you. 

Navigate the complexities of international trade with our customs brokerage services. Xeologix, a licensed Custom House Agent in Chennai, specializes in clearing & forwarding, cha customs, and ensuring compliance with all import and export regulations. Our experienced CHA agents provide seamless customs clearance services, including chemical export and import export documentation, making every customs process smooth and hassle-free.

Handling dangerous goods requires specialized knowledge and expertise. At Xeologix Hazmat Solution Private Limited, we offer specialized dangerous goods freight services, including handling, packing, and documentation. Our staff is IATA DGR trained, ensuring your dg shipment complies with all safety standards. We provide UN approved packaging and dangerous goods labels to secure your shipments, whether they're transported via air freight or ocean freight. Trust us to manage your dg cargo with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


We also Supply Dangerous Goods UN Specified / Approved Boxes for Packing your DG Cargo.


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Xeologix Hazmat Solution Private Limited offers comprehensive transport solutions, catering to both freight transportation and cargo transportation needs. Our extensive network enables us to provide global logistics services, ensuring your shipments are delivered on time, whether through air shipping or sea freight. Our transport services are designed to handle dangerous goods and general cargo alike, making us your go-to provider for reliable and efficient logistics solutions.

Enhance your supply chain with Xeologix Hazmat Solution Private Limited's warehousing, packing, and lashing services. Our logistics facilities are equipped to provide secure storage solutions, along with comprehensive packing and lashing services to ensure your goods are protected during transit. Whether it's dangerous goods requiring UN approved packaging or general cargo, our warehousing services are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing a seamless link in your logistics chain.

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